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About Parachute

Parachute is a NYC-based boutique visual effects company founded by artist Sam O’Hare. Sam comes from a background in architecture and design in England which helped propel him into the world of photo-realistic CGI production here in the US. Parachute specializes in creating worlds both real and imaginary. The hardest project we’ve ever had was coming up with our name. It needed to be something that captured our spirit, but also lent itself to a cool logo. We think we accomplished both. Parachute can be the trusted partner that you always rely on for safe landing, or save the life of your project when you least expect it. We’re here for it all, and everything in between. We’re smart, nimble, detailed, and can make a pretty exceptional cocktail (both in actuality or through extensive knowledge in fluid sims.)

Parachute has won a Prix Ars Electronia award, nominated for a Webby for Best Viral Film and has a short film in the permanent collection at MOMA. Sam has spoken around the world with AutoDesk as an expert in photo-real animation, including presenting at Siggraph.